THC Gummy Bears


    When it comes to medicating, you should never have to settle for inferior or low quality products because of your budget. With Green Society, we believe that any cannabis-related products should be affordable and good! Our in-house made THC Gummy Bears are infused with a powerful kick of pure 99.6% distillate full of rich Delta-9 cannabinoids while still containing that delicious fruity flavour we all love. After one bite, you’ll taste the difference – made using natural fruit juices, these gummy bears also have a soft chew unlike any others. Every package of THC Gummy Bears contains a total of 100mg of THC and 4 pieces of delicious fruit flavoured gummies.

    CANNABINOID CONTENTS 100mg THC per package
    CONTENTS 4x THC Infused Gummy Bears
    MEDICAL EFFECTS Depression, Stress, Pain, Insomnia & Lack of Appetite
    EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Hungry, Uplifted & Sleepy
    DOSAGE Each gummy bear contains 25mg of THC. Begin with 1 gummy and allow upwards of an hour before further ingestion.
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