Nuken is an Indica Hybrid with a touch of Sativa. The strain is a favourite amongst Canadians, with the popular B.C. strain God Bud being one of its parents. Nuken is the cross between God Bud and Kish, creating a bud that boasts the pine flavour of its homeland.

Aside from pine, the flavour is characterized as sweet and skunky. The smoke is rich and tickles the throat but isn’t harsh. Nuken is a smelly one, with lots of heavy pungent and skunky notes. If you’re living in an apartment or shared space, you’re better off opening a window than hotboxing the joint.

Nuken has a stunning appearance, with a dense bud structure, similar to its God Bud parent. Almost neon green like buds are coated in sticky trichomes that shine in the light. Thus it’s perfect for making hash and other concentrates.

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